Bach’s Remedies for Headache

Bach Flower Remedy1 300x249 Bach’s Remedies for HeadacheWorking intuitively, Dr. Bach identified some thirty different flowers that he believed had healing effects. While he did not outline any setin- stone prescriptions for various diseases, the flowers that may be helpful for headaches include the following:

  • Centaury—For those who find it hard to say no to others, even when they know others take advantage of them. Centaury helps you find and follow your own path in life.
  • Cherry plum—For those who worry that they are not able to govern their thoughts and actions, or those who say and do things that offend their own moral codes. Cherry plum helps you to find and trust your deep inner wisdom.
  • Holly—For those who feel unloved or are plagued by envy. Holly helps you develop the ability to love and feel loved.
  • Hornbeam—For those who think that it’s just too hard to get through a typical day. Hornbean helps you become more lively mentally and develop more enthusiasm.
  • Mimulus—For those who have a fear of heights, disease, or death. Mimulus helps you overcome your fear and be patient with others who also fear.
  • White chestnut—For those whose minds are plagued by unnecessary and unwanted worries. White chestnut encourages you to govern your thoughts.

Other helpful Bach remedies include gentian, oak, red chestnut, pine, scleranthus, vine, and water violet. You can also try the Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of several flower essences, including rock rose, cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, and star-of-Bethlehem. It’s used for emergency situations, shock, and stress and can help stabilize the emotions.

While you can use more than one remedy at a time, guard against taking so many that their actions become confused. Five or six at once is usually plenty. If your problem is deep-rooted, you may have to take the remedies for a while (say, a couple of months) before you see results.

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