Using Outlook Express Macintosh Edition Part (2)

outlook express2 300x182 Using Outlook Express Macintosh Edition Part (2)Some business users consider e-mail both a blessing and a curse, and at the end of this, you’ll find some ideas about how to manage e-mail (and other components of your electronic office) rather than letting it manage you.


In addition to being an e-mail reader, Outlook Express is also a newsreader. In this we look at how to use Microsoft Outlook Express Macintosh Edition, the e-mail program that’s included with the most recent versions of MacOS.

Outlook Express is an Internet standards e-mail reader, which means that you can use it to send and receive e-mail if you have an Internet e-mail account. An e-mail account is not the same thing as an account with an online information service, such as CompuServe or America Online. An Internet e-mail account provides services such as standards-based e-mail, but it does not provide services such as chat rooms, access to databases, conferences, and so on.


This uses Outlook Express 5 Macintosh Edition for illustrations and for describing the steps to accomplish tasks. If you are using an older or newer version of Outlook Express, the screens will look much the same, and the steps will be similar, although not identical.


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