Outlook Express: Reading and Managing Messages Part (4)

Outlook Express 4 Outlook Express: Reading and Managing Messages Part (4)Replying to Messages

To reply to a message from a single sender, click the Reply toolbar button. If the message was sent to multiple recipients, you can reply to all recipients of the message by clicking the Reply All toolbar button.

Compose your message and click the Send Now button to connect to the Internet (if you’re not already) and send the message immediately, or click the Send Later button to place the message in the Outbox to be delivered the next time you click the Send & Receive button.

By default, Outlook Express includes the text of the original message in your reply. Sometimes this can be helpful, and at other times it can be a real nuisance, especially if you have to wade through several replies to get to the essence of the message.

You have a couple of alternatives if you don’t want the original message included in the reply:

· Click the Reply button, place your cursor in the body of the message, click the Edit menu, click Select All to highlight the message, and press the Delete key.

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