Outlook Express: Reading and Managing Messages Part (5)

Outlook Express 2 300x173 Outlook Express: Reading and Managing Messages Part (5)· Click the Edit menu and click Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box. Click the Compose tab, clear the Include Entire Message In Reply check box, and click OK.


You should never put anything in an e-mail message that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the newspaper.

Forwarding Messages

Sometimes it’s handy to forward a message, and you can include your own comments in the forwarded message as well. As is the case with passing along anything that was created by somebody else, be sure that forwarding a message won’t upset the original sender.

To forward a message, open it, click the Forward button, enter an e-mail address, add comments, and click the Send Now button to send the message immediately. You can also click the Send Later button to place the message in the Outbox to be delivered the next time you click the Send & Receive button.


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