Outlook Express: Creating and Sending Messages Part (2)

Outlook Express 7 300x241 Outlook Express: Creating and Sending Messages Part (2)To format text in a message, you need to send the message in HTML format. When you use HTML to create a message, you are essentially creating a Web page, and you can format text with different fonts, colors, and apply styles such as numbered lists. To switch a message from plain text to HTML format, follow these steps:

1. Open a new message.

Click the New toolbar button.

2. Change the message format to HTML.

Click the Format menu and click HTML to display the Formatting toolbar


The Formatting toolbar contains many of the tools you see and use in your word processor. You can use it to do the following, among other things, in your message:

· Insert a bulleted list.

· Add effects such as boldface, italics, underline, and font color.

· Insert a numbered list.

· Format paragraphs as flush left, flush right, or centered.

· Insert a horizontal line.

· Insert a picture.

· Specify a font and font size.

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