Outlook Express: Creating and Sending Messages Part (4)

outlook express41 214x300 Outlook Express: Creating and Sending Messages Part (4)   To attach a file to a message you are composing, follow these steps:

1. Display the Attachment field.

Click the down arrow to the left of the Attachment field.

2. Attach the file.

Click the Add button, use the Choose Object dialog box to locate the file, and then click Choose. Your message now contains the name of the file in the Attach line.


Click the Find button to use Apple’s Sherlock tool to help you locate the file you want to attach.

3. Specify the encoding to use.

Since Macintosh, Windows, and Unix computers encode attachments differently, if you’re sending the attachment to someone using a different operating system, click the Encode For box under the Attachment field to select how to encode the file(s)

. We recommend that you click the Encode For Any Computer option button and click the Append Windows Extensions To File Names check box.

Including a Personalized Signature

Many people never bother to sign their e-mail messages. After all, their name appears in the From line. Others create elaborate signatures that are automatically appended to all messages. Your business or organization may.

In fact, have guidelines about what you should include in a signature. It’s common to include your name, title, the name of your organization, perhaps its physical address, and your phone number.

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