Outlook Express: Keeping Track of Contact Information

Outlook Express 10 Outlook Express: Keeping Track of Contact InformationEarlier in this you learned that an easy way to enter an e-mail address in Outlook Express is to add it from your Address Book. This section gives you an overview of Address Book and shows you how to set it up to quickly locate contact information and to set up group, or distribution, lists.To open the Address Book in Outlook Express, click the Addresses button on the toolbar in the Main window.

Adding Information for an Individual

To add contact information for an individual, open Address Book and follow these steps:

1. Create a new contact.

Click the New button on the toolbar.

2. Add information for this person.

Use the pop-up windows in the new contact to add as much or as little information as you want. Press the Tab key to move from one field to another, or click a different section to enter a different type of information.

3. Save the information.

Click the Save toolbar button.

4. Close the contact window.

You’ll see the new contact listed in the Address Book window. To send mail to this new contact, select the contact in the Address Book and click the New Message To toolbar button, or type the contact’s name in the To line of a new message.

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