Tips on Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

affiliate network Tips on Choosing a Good Affiliate ProgramMarketing a product or service to customers is not easy because it needs patience and works extra. But these things are not enough yet, you need supporting (extern) factors that can help your marketing. One of the extern factors that you can do is following affiliate programs that are offered around you especially on the internet. Unfortunately, to follow an affiliate program, you should really know and choose the right affiliate that really supports your business because there are many affiliate programs that can be used but just some of them that have good services or even track record. You don’t want to invest or join to a wrong affiliate, do you? If you are an online advertiser or publisher and confused of choosing a good affiliate program, there are some tips that you should notice and do before you choose it:

1. List of affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs that you can find on the internet, make a list of them and choose some of them that make you interesting. Your interesting can be caused by many advertisements about that affiliate program, commission and facility that are offered by that affiliate program, product and service on that affiliate program are the same with your taste and business.

2. Affiliate commission

Commission that is given by affiliate is an important thing that you should notice because your hard work is appreciated by that commission. Commission is usually given for you is 50% or more. But remember, it is not only about how many your commission that you will get but also you should notice about the rule of commission payment. Generally, there are three things than can be used to pay your work; they are sale, hits, and impression. Sale means when visitors click banner and do transaction, hits means when visitors just click banner, while impression means how many visitors that see link. The biggest commission is usually got by sale, then hits and impression. But you should also notice that each affiliate program has different rule of commission payment.

3. Affiliate Transparency

Choose affiliate program that is transparent, it means its online advertiser and publisher might enter and see affiliate program’s account and result that is got. By doing it, you can measure how well your skill as an online advertiser or publisher in marketing a product or service.

4. Affiliate Track Record

Track record of affiliate program is a thing that you should always notice. This thing can be used to measure internet users’ response whether good or not to that affiliate program. You can also look for information about how long that affiliate program operate, what are product and service that offered, how many internet users who are interested in visiting or transacting with that affiliate program. If you don’t believe it, you should not join them.

Keep in mind; these tips are really useful to choose a good affiliate program that matches with you as an online advertiser or publisher. But if you don’t find an affiliate program yet that matches with you, you can try to use Bundling and Affiliate Network that service from Sterkly. It ensures your online business marketing can run smoothly. icon smile Tips on Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

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