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Outlook Express: Creating Message Rules Part (2)

Outlook Express 8 300x214 Outlook Express: Creating Message Rules Part (2)   TIP:

If you want to process junk mail, first turn on the Junk Mail filter. Click the Tools menu, click Junk Mail Filter, and then click the Enable Junk Mail Filter check box. Don’t actually create any junk mail rules that delete messages until you’ve watched the Junk Mail Filter process your mail for a couple of weeks. This will help to prevent the loss of important messages. Continue reading →

Outlook Express: Creating Message Rules

Outlook Express 11 300x186 Outlook Express: Creating Message RulesYou are not at the mercy of your Inbox. With Outlook Express 5 Macintosh Edition you can create very powerful message rules for all mail and news accounts you use. You can choose to earmark junk mail, block mail from certain senders, and you can route mail from other senders directly to a folder. Continue reading →